Better Denver PAC Political Advertising Case Study

We were approached by Better Denver PAC to advertise for the Denver Colorado Mayoral Race, but this project was unique: it was a run off from the top two democratic candidates with less than 30 days from the election day.

With less than a week of prep time, we managed to strategize, develop creatives and execute a plan.


Project summary

We developed and ran over 250+ ad iterations on Facebook to find what messaging resonated most with the voter base over a two week period. Using third-Party audience segments of active voters from data partners like Oracle, Datalogix, and others allowed us to circumvent the need for direct access to voter lists in order to target politically engaged constituents. Between Programmatic and Facebook Ads, our digital campaign reached the majority of active voters in the city of Denver with most of the impressions being served to groups who were most likely to be swayed to vote for our candidate.

After testing these political messages, ad creatives, and demographic audiences, we were able to fine tune our ads for Programmatic Display Ads and traditional media outlets like TV and Radio.

Proven Results

Through numerous rounds of testing and optimization, we were able to drastically increase effectiveness in every target metric from Impressions to Ad Click Through Rate (CTR). Our advertising dollars were able to go 330% further as a direct result of our strategy and optimization process. Additionally, we were able to achieve a 465% increase in our Click-Through Rate (CTR).


Increase in Impressions Per Dollar


Advertisement Click Through Rate Increase


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